The Constitution

By on January 1, 2022

Club Constitution

The following forms the club constitution of Llanymynech Juniors Football Club, hereafter know as “the club” updated and re-issued on 01/01/22.

  1. NAME
    The club shall be known as Llanymynech Juniors Football Club and shall be made up of teams from the ages of under 6 years to under 16 years. Llanymynech Juniors Club shall be affiliated to the Shropshire County Football Association or any other Football Association should it be deemed necessary.

In accordance with the wishes of founder members, the late Bob Wilson and Davey Jones, the clubs objectives shall be to provide local children Association Football for the enjoyment of all its members and ensure young people develop; regardless of sex, race or ability, and other social and recreational pursuits as may be deemed necessary by the committee.
The club should not issue any measures that would prove restrictive on grounds of sex, race, religion or ability.
The club shall be run as a non-profit voluntary organisation.

    The officers shall consist of;
    Chair Person,
    Child Welfare Officer,
    Vice Chairman

*** The club pay also appoint up to 6 committee members who will sit on the committee and vote at committee meetings, these will be nominated and elected as all other committee members ***

These five offices (+ any committee members) will form the Executive Management Committee for the Club and shall, by nature of the club, stand for re-election at the end of every season.

The above positions shall be elected at the appropriate Annual General Meeting. Nominations for such posts must be made in writing and sent to the Secretary 14 days prior to the AGM.

To ensure continuity it is desirable that members of the Executive Management Committee should have been linked to the club either as players, parents or committee members for two full playing seasons.

Candidates for election into the position of the Executive Management Committee member shall be proposed and seconded by General Management Committee members. Any committee member wishing to resign their position must do so in writing to the club secretary, no less than 30 days before the AGM.


a)      The club will be managed by the General Management Committee (See section 3). In addition there will be several subcommittee posts detailed below;

Fund Raising Manager

Media Liaison Coordinator

Equipment and Pitch Coordinator (Includes Winter Training).

Referee Coordination

Kit Coordinator

Website Administrator

Tournament Organiser

Team Managers (At least one per team)

Team Assistants (At least one per team)

All of the above will be appointed by the General Management Committee (See Section 3) with the exception of Team Assistants and additional coaches which can be appointed by the team manager or the General Management Committee.

Any individual can hold a maximum of three posts, however no individual can hold more than one General Management Committee post

b) There will be no election for any subcommittee posts, they will be appointed by the General Management Committee. Anybody wishing to undertake these roles should approach the General Management Committee.

c) Any member of the subcommittee can be invited to attend a Committee meeting on invitation of the Chairman, Vice Chairman or Secretary

d) Team Managers wishing to resign their position must do so in writing to the club secretary no later than two calendar months before vacating their position. One full month before the resignation takes effect all club equipment must be either passed to the assistant manager or returned to the club secretary and any monies, team accounts or bank accounts to the treasurer.

e) The General Management Committee will meet every two months. Additional meetings will be called as required. 4 or members must be present.
f) A full meeting of all committee and subcommittee members (General Management Meeting) will be held every two months. Minutes of these meetings will be taken and distributed to the Committee and Subcommittee as well as the Boys League secretary.

g) In exceptional circumstances the General Management Committee may appoint or dismiss a subcommittee member at any committee meeting.

h) Any post coming vacant during a season may be filled after the appropriate candidate is proposed and seconded by members of the General Management Committee. In the event of there being more than one candidate for a post a closed ballot will be taken.

i) Voting at a General Management Committee meeting will be restricted to General Management Committee members.


a) The property and/or assets of the club, including any debts in the club’s name shall be invested in the General Management Committee.

b) The General Management Committee shall have the power to appoint such sub- committees as may from time to time be deemed necessary and shall receive reports of such sub-committees at its meetings.

c) The General Management Committee shall have the power to suspend or expel any member deemed guilty of conduct prejudicial to the good name of the club, or the rules thereof.


a) Membership shall consist of club and league registered, development players-non-league registered, fees for each respectively and fully paid.

b) A register of playing members shall be kept by the Club Secretary/Treasurer.

c) At the Annual General Meeting voting is restricted to one vote per fully paid up member/members representative as at 31st of August of the previous year.

d) Playing membership is bound by the acceptance of the club and team rules and the signing and acceptance of the Clubs Code of Conduct.

e) The General Management Committee reserves the right to cancel a player’s registration with the club if the terms of the club’s code of conduct are not upheld.


The annual subscriptions shall be advised by the General Management Committee after the AGM.

a) Registration shall be no later than the third week April (starting on the 1/4) to comply with the player registration requirements of the league. Upon a fully paid subscription being received and accepted, a copy of the Club Constitution and player and parent Code Of Conduct where applicable, will be made available, if so requested.

Subscriptions will be agreed at the AGM for the forthcoming season

b) Cases for hardship will be presented to the General Management Committee by the team manager concerned.

The qualifying requirements for hardship cases will be families on low income. The degree of assistance will be determined on an individual basis.

All requests will be dealt with in a discrete manner and any information provided in support of the application for hardship funding will be treated in confidence.

c) Families with more than one subscribing player will be entitled to a discounted subscription, per player. The discount will be determined by the General Management Committee at the AGM for the following season.

d) Application for monthly subscription payments may be considered by the Executive Management Committee. Any player granted this facility must commit to completing his subscription payment by the end of December or risk possible de-registration from the Team and Club.

e) Any player not having fully paid his subscription or not having been awarded a deferment of payment through hardship, from the executive committee, by the last day in August, will be de-registered by the club.   The player will not be eligible to re-register with the club until his subscription is either paid or agreed by the executive committee.  Any cost of re-registering will be met by the player.

f) All registration forms are to be counter signed and forwarded to the appropriate League, by the Secretary. Reason to ensure club has a complete list of all players in accordance with FA instructions.

g) No player will be registered until payment is received by the secretary / treasurer

h) All league registered players will pay the full subscription regardless of when they register, for non-league players there will be a reduced fee for players joining after Jan 1st(Subscriptions agreed at AGM)


a) The Annual General Meeting shall be held no later than the end of June in each year. The Secretary shall give 20 days clear notice of such meetings to all members via the Team Managers and Club notice boards.

b) The agenda for the AGM shall consist, as a minimum, of the following items:-

i) Chair Persons Opening Address

ii) Secretary’s Report

iii) Treasurers Report

iv) Child Welfare Officers report

v) Subscriptions

vi) Changes to Rules

vii) Election of New Officers

viii) A.O.B.

c) Any proposal at the AGM shall come into effect if it receives a majority vote and will be recorded as such.

d) An Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened by the Executive Management Committee when deemed necessary or on written request of two General Management Committee members, or at the discretion of the Chairman. The Secretary shall give 10 days notice of such a meeting and 60% of the General Management Committee shall form a quorum.


a) The club shall be run as a non-profit organization, with all excess monies being re-invested into the club and its activities for the benefit of its members.

b) All financial transactions affecting the club must be notified to the treasurer within by the following meeting after the transaction.

c) A bank account shall be maintained in the name of Llanymynech Juniors and the Treasurer has authority to make electronic payments via internet banking in line with the limit h). below

d) All monies payable to the club shall be received by the Treasurer and deposited in the club account.

e) The General Management Committee shall require proper books of accounts to be kept by the Treasurer.

f) The books of accounts as maintained by the Treasurer shall be independently audited and signed for at the end of each year.

g) The financial year of the club shall run from June 1st until May 31st the following year.

h) The Treasurer is authorised to pay all regular bills associated with the day to day running of the club and sundry spend to a maximum of £1000.00 without prior authorization from the General Management Committee


No alterations to club & team rules shall be made except at the AGM or at an Extraordinary General Meeting convened for that purpose and only if supported by a majority of those present and voting at such meeting.

Notice of proposed alterations to any rules must be received in writing by the Club Secretary no later than the 1st of May each year, and notified to members on notification of meeting. The Club will observe the rules and regulations of the Shropshire County Football Association and English Football Association, or any rules of a League that the Club wishes to enter. If it is found that any team or individual within the Club has breached any of the said rules and regulations, and providing a satisfactory explanation is forthcoming, the Club will support the team or individual in any action forthcoming. If it is found that a team or individual has failed to abide by or implement team or club rules and as a consequence abused League or Shropshire County FA rules, the Club and/or individual will abide by any disciplinary measures forthcoming and observe appropriate internal disciplinary measures.


Whilst each section manages its own financial affairs and controls the purchase of equipment required for the purposes of football, the assets of each section, which include cash, equipment, kit or any item purchased or donated for the good of the team shall remain the property of Llanymynech Juniors Boys and Girls Football Club.

At the start of each season each team manager is required to submit to the Executive Committee a list of equipment held by the team, in the clubs name.

In the following circumstances the Executive Management Committee, on behalf of the General Management Committee, may take ownership of a section’s assets;

  • Resignation of a Section Manager
  • A Section Manager being asked to step down by the Executive Management Committee
  • The section being unable to continue within the league
  • Non-payment of fines
  • Suspicion of misappropriation
  • Failing to comply with clubs financial rules (See 9b)

In the event that the club no longer exists as an entity to provide junior football any equipment held by the club will be offered to the Shropshire Junior League, Shropshire Girls League or local teams who play within these leagues.

The General Management Committee will determine the disposal of any funds held by the club, including those funds held by teams.  Disposal will be, either in part or whole, through the Shropshire Junior League, Shropshire girls league or to recognized charitable organizations for the benefit of children or those less privileged in life.


The club will abide by The Football Association’s Child Protection Policies and Procedures, and the Equal Opportunities and Anti-Discrimination Policy


The club has a code of conduct that details the performance criteria expected from players, parents and managers. The form will be issued with the registration documents and its completion is mandatory for a player to be registered with, and play football for, Llanymynech Juniors Boys and Girls Football Club.

The Executive Committee shall deal with misconduct.

Any failure by player, parent or manager to act and abide by the code of conduct will result in the Executive Management Committee dealing with the failure.  The decision of the Executive Management Committee will be final and binding.


The club has a youth policy regarding maximum permitted registered players, and all managers must ensure that every player attending a game is played for a reasonable period of time, or in the case of larger squads players rotated for fixtures. Players should arrive at least 30 minutes before kick off, to ensure correct warm up procedure and all teams should adopt appropriate cool-down / warm-down, following a game – reason to avoid injury.

All teams to have two responsible adults at every game (CRB, SGCW as a minimum), and all teams to make sure that all paperwork for all their coaches are kept up to date


All teams will play in the club colours.

The club colours are: Orange and black shirts, Black shorts & Orange socks


Payment of FA Level 1 fees will be paid for managers and assistants (This is a mandatory minimum qualification). All other courses for managers, assistants or other parties will be at the discretion of the Executive Committee. Should a person leave within the first year of obtaining such qualifications, the Committee may or may not ask for full or part reimbursement.

  1. FINES

All fines received for any player will be paid by the parent.

The first fine received by a manager will be paid for by the club all subsequent fines are to be paid by the manager


The decision of the Executive Management Committee shall be final and binding on any matters not governed by the foregoing rules.